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Endo Warriors West Lothian

‘Endo Warriors WL’ is a grass roots, independent ‘Support, Action and Awareness Group’, founded in 2017 by Candice McKenzie and Claire Beattie.

“Together, we have worked hard to change the perception of endometriosis and menstrual health. We campaign and lobby to give our community a voice. Clinical research intrigues us.  Professor Horne, Professor Saunders and the EXPPECT Team was our only choice for fundraising and dialogue. Understanding the cause of endometriosis and the inflammatory process is paramount for us and the community we represent. We get involved with ‘March in March’, pop on our tartan to ‘kilt walk’, and we love to encourage others to think about EXPPECT and ENDO1000 for their fundraising plans. We look forward to continuing our excellent work together.”