About the Project

Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce diagnostic delay and develop personalised treatment approaches for individuals with endometriosis by studying data and biological samples collected from patients over an extended period of time.

Our Objective

The objective of the ENDO1000 project is to accelerate discovery and advance data-driven research into endometriosis diagnosis and treatment.

ENDO1000 will allow us to provide endometriosis sufferers with new information to empower them to make and shape decisions about their care. By developing innovative strategies to improve outcomes for patients, ENDO1000 will reduce the health burden of endometriosis, benefiting healthcare systems and society worldwide.

About ENDO1000

ENDO1000 will recruit individuals with known or suspected endometriosis and, with their permission, use tools to track their disease and health metrics over a two-year period. Through this analysis, we aim to further the research into personalised care for individuals with endometriosis.


We will ask participants of the study to document their symptoms and any treatments experienced during the study timeline using their smartphones.

We will also capture information on diet and exercise.


Our study participants will wear smartwatches to capture their movement and sleep patterns during the study duration of two-years.

This will provide real-time data gathering on the patients.


Participants of the study will collect saliva, urine, blood and faeces samples at home over the two-year period and send these to us for analysis.

This will provide deep insight into the progression of the disease.

How we will achieve our objective

Over the next 5 years, the ENDO1000 initiative will aim to deliver a series of key milestones to achieve its objective of influencing change for women suffering with endometriosis. Starting with the project launch, the ENDO1000 team will recruit a number of participants to collect data, begin digital data analysis, conduct findings on the data and socialise the results.