Project Update

Katherine’s Project

Katherine is a PhD student working with the ENDO1000 team. She is working on a project focused on using a new approach to monitor and understand symptoms in patients with endometriosis.

Through smartwatch technology we can automatically gather time-series data on patients’ sleep and physical activities, and this data can then be analysed together with self-reported symptoms, particularly the common symptoms of pain and fatigue.

Self-reporting of symptoms has drawbacks, as recalling symptoms over longer periods can be difficult, while reporting symptoms every day can also be burdensome. Therefore, smartwatch technology has the potential to supplement these self-reports and provide further insights into endometriosis symptoms.

Through this alternative and supportive approach, we hope to achieve a better understanding of the symptom patterns in endometriosis, allowing for possible prediction and better management of pain flares, and ultimately help optimise treatments and find strategies to self-manage symptoms.