Project Update

Frankie’s Project

Frankie is a PHD student working with the ENDO1000 team who is investigating the relationship between diet, the gut microbiome, and pain, in people with endometriosis.

Patients have repeatedly provided anecdotal evidence of the benefits of dietary interventions as a self-management strategy. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to support this, and therefore it cannot be recommended as a clinical treatment option.

We already know diet can impact the types of bacteria living in our gut, and the way these bacteria behave, and that this is turn can influence inflammation and our immune system. This inflammation can then trigger pain receptors in the brain, exacerbating the already painful symptoms of endometriosis.

I aim to identify any gut bacteria that may be more prevalent in people with endometriosis and any dietary habits which might be associated with increased pain symptoms. This will offer non-invasive pain-management strategies and allow patients to take greater control of their own quality of life.